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Earthing Wiring Accessories

Earthing Wiring Accessories, play very pivotal role in clamping heavy voltage carrying cables or rods to the earth. Proper earthing to the electric wiring assure longevity. We manufacture reliable earthing wiring accessories to cater industrial as well as domestic needs. Various components under this head vary from cable glands, split bolts, marine cable gland, adaptor, square tape clamp, tape clip, DC tape clip, oblong test clamp, cable clamp, test bond test clamp, mechanical cable lugs, aluminium cable clamp, tinned screw sleeves and many other in this range. All these components are very sturdy and best finished to cater various needs of the equipments whether industrial or domestic. We use brass, copper and SS in manufacturing various earthing wiring accessories like cable glands, split bolts or line taps, marine cable gland, adaptor, clamps, multiple points, arrestors, bonds etc.
Split Bolts
Lightening Protection
Multiple Points

Application :

Earthing is a very essential process in taking care of electric equipment and also taking care of life and property which is our prime concern and we do take all very good care in rolling our the Earthing Wiring Accessories from our establishments.

Material Used :

Brass - Gunmetal -  Bronze -  copper - SS - are main metals we use in manufacturing the equipments in the form of clamps, nut bolts in various dimensions and shapes that are in vogue of the day.

Earthing Wiring Accessories :

Rain Water Pipe Bond, Jointing Clamp, B-Bond, Tee-Clamp, U Bolt Rod to Cable Clamp, Tower Bond Clamp, U Bolt Rod to Cable Clamp, U Bolt Rod to Cable Clamp, U Bolt Rod Clamp, Rod to Cable Lug Clamp