Precision Turned Components
Earthing Wiring Accessories, Cable Glands, Fasteners Split Bolts, Sanitary Pipe Fittings, Mould Inserts, Neutral Links, Neutral Bars
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Precision Turned Components
Sheet Metal Components, Plug Pins
Company Profile

Many years expertise in precision turned components and a well-trained, highly skilled workforce provide the grounding for Rishabh Enterprise to develop new techniques and processes.

The company commits considerable time and resources to the investigation of new technologies both to ensure that we retain our position at the fore front of the industry and to meet the changing needs of customers.

Ever tighter manufacturing schedules due to the need for rapid JIT response is just one of the customer-driven demands, which Rishabh Enterprise has embraced. Other includes 'zero defects'. Advanced Quality Planning , and a policy of continuously improving on excellence.

As a partner to help achieve your business objectives, both in product performance and standard of its service, Rishabh Enterprise is unrivalled.

A majority of our sales result from repeat business and recommendations from our existing clients to other users who come to us for their turned parts.

Design and Development
RISHABH ENTERPRISE offers professional engineering services to support the product design, manufacturing and assembly needs of our customers. While our expertise have been centered on products of the CUSTOMER SPECIFICATION, our capabilities are not limited to this filed, and can be used to support a wide range of requirements from a variety of industries.
Conceptual and Development Engineering
Turning and Machining
Trobe Machine
Drill Machine
Threads Machine
Cutting Machine
Wire Draw Machine
Wire Straightening Machine
Hand & Power Press
Milling & Slotting Machine etc.
Testing and Evaluation
Assembly Fixturing Design
Co-ordination of customers certifications
Production Engineering, including Full Assembly Design
Finishing and Electroplating
RISHABH ENTERPRISE'S integrated finishing capabilities allow us to handle this critical aspect of production seamlessly. This eliminates additional shipping and handling of parts, as well as typical conflicts between the substrate producer and finisher.
Our Capabilities Include:
Shot blasting
Polishing and deburring
Finishes applied to Mild Steel, Brass and Aluminium
Different Finishes, from Industry Standards to custom Matching
Assemble and Packaging
RISHABH ENTERPRISE turnkey solutions can provide customers with assembled products packaged and ready for sale. Assembly and packaging procedures can as per custom demand.
Plain or Custom Boxes
Die Cut Foam Inserts Box
Clean Room Packing Facility
Quality Packing Materials
Products & Application
We develop tooling and manufacture a wide range of precision turned components and sub-assemblies to customer's specifications. Following is the list of our complete range of products:
Precision Turned Components
Electrical Block Terminals
Pole Terminals
Neutral Links & Neutral Bars
Electrical Switchgear Terminals & Rivets
Plug Pins
Mould Inserts
Sheet Metal Components
Earthing Wiring Accessories

Split Bolts
Cable Glands / Marine Gland / Adaptor
Multiple Points
Sanitary Pipe Fittings
Industrial Pipe Fittings / Gas Pipe Fittings / Fluid Pipe Fittings
Brass Welding Accessories as a Cable Connector Size 10 - 25, 35 - 50, 50 - 70
The following materials are extensively used:
Gun Metal
Mild, Spring & Stainless Steel
Nickel Based Alloys
Bought in turned parts & Silver Contacts for assembly
Silver Contact Welded Material